Rediseño de
un objeto
olvidado y
tan común en
el paisaje doméstico
español de no
hace tanto
tiempo. El Orinal.
Realizado en exclusiva
para la Revista ID
en colaboración
con la plataforma


Pee Pee is a new take
on a forgotten object,
the bedpan also
known as “potty”.
Specially designed
for those sleepy
and lazy persons
with small bladders.
It’s ideal for
keeping it near
the bed for those
uncomfortable night
incursions to the
bathroom, exactly
as our grandparents
did… it’s also
ideal for long
siestas…. Don’t be
ashamed to have
a bedpan!
It’s not grandpas
or hospital stuff

PeePee is suitable
for both genders
and fully washable,
only number one,
so far..., it’s small
spout plays a
trick on you,
because for emptying
it you will have to
spend more or less
the same time as you
spent to fill it.
Designed for IDmag
under the SURTIDO