Colaboracion con los
diseñadores de Smart NY Carla Diana
y Jeff Hoefs en su proyecto
Inlet-Outlet, finalista del
concurso Greener Gadgets '09
para una futura publicación
de Taschen.


Collaboration with the Smart NY
'09 Greener Gadgets
Finalists Carla Diana and
Jeff Hoefs in their inlet
outlet project for a
future Taschen publication.


Nearly every room in our
homes and offices has at
least one electrical outlet
from which we draw
power for our gadgets
and appliances. What
if each of those outlets
had an accompanying
electrical "inlet" so
that we not only
drew power from the
grid, but could
also give some back?
We already
have solar and wind
systems for homes, so why
not extend
this concept to all our
habitable spaces
through a system of
easy-to-use plugs
and inlets?

In addition to the inlet
panels, adapter kits
would be made
available to easily
convert common household
products into
inlet-ready devices.
Applications include
obvious kinetic sources
such as exercise
equipment, and
emerging solutions
such as cells that convert
heat into energy.
(Imagine a panel next
to your oven or behind the
refrigerator to capture
the excess heat
and convert it into
electricity.) In more
commercial settings, multiple
inlets could be
strategically placed.
Your the local gym,
for example, can
become a mini-power
plant by pairing
each exercise
bike to an electrical inlet.

Ultimately, the availability
of an inlet panel/plug
adapter kit system
can encourage the
development of new
devices that harness
energy to feed
back into the grid.